Document Management


When you launch Glimpse, you can browse and select from the available Glimpse documents on your device. Scroll back and forth between the Glimpses by swiping, and then open your desired Glimpse by tapping on it.


Note: Glimpses are always displayed in the order in which they were most recently opened on your iPad.



Duplicating Glimpses

You can create a duplicate of the currently active Glimpse by selecting the “Duplicate Glimpse” button.


The Glimpse layout configuration as well as the underlying spreadsheet data will be copied.






Deleting Glimpses

To delete the currently selected Glimpse from your device, select the trash icon.




Note: Deleting a Glimpse is a permanent operation, and cannot be undone.








Mailing Glimpses

A Glimpse can be mailed, and the recipient will be able to open it on their iPad, provided they have Glimpse installed.





Note: Glimpses will be mailed in a zipped and compressed format with the suffix “glimpsez”.