Presentation Options


Full Screen Mode

Glimpse has a presentation mode that displays the visualization full-screen. This is useful for displaying an uneditable view of the canvas that hides the layout and column tabs.







Full Screen Controls


When in fullscreen mode, tapping on any area that does not contain a shape will show the fullscreen controls. The control has an identical appearance to the Variations controls, with the addition of a button that will allow you to leave the fullscreen mode.






Mirroring to an Apple TV


If you have an iPad 2 or higher and an Apple TV on your local network, you can mirror the display to the Apple TV. This is ideal for presenting your visualizations to large audiences.

To activate screen mirroring, double-tap the iPad’s home screen, then swipe the bottom bar to the right to reveal the playback controls. Select the AirPlay icon, and then select the output device where you want to mirror the screen.




Note: AirPlay screen mirroring is only available on the iPad 2 and higher.